Vale Steve Morgan Of Greville Records

Saddened to hear of the passing of Greville Records’ Steve Morgan. I was only there last week buying a record from him and the usual to and fro banter was plentiful.

Always with sage and wise advice on my Rue Morgue Records project and everything he ever told me whether in jest or seriousness (well he was never serious about anything!) was duly taken on board!

He served, always with a smile or a cheesy story. He always offered a discount. Always with a story about any given artist (usually KISS) I was buying records of.

“SURELY YOU’VE GOT THIS ONE ABOUT 12 TIMES NOW!” He would bellow so the entire store could hear! Matter of fact, I can still hear him!

“Yeah, but I don’t have this pressing!” would come the reply.

I have been shopping at Greville Records for as long as I can remember and I make no bones or secret about it, they are the absolute best record store in Australia. I love visiting. I love shopping. I love chatting to Steve or Warwick or Bruce. I feel at home in there. Always!

I am left stunned and shocked at his passing. His loud greetings were often matched by very loud shirts but his knowledge and thirst for music and movies was incredible.

My heartfelt condolences to Bruce Milne and Warwick Brown who have lost a great comrade! Actually, I think the entire Melbourne music community has lost someone very, very special.

RIP Steve.

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