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Subract-S may have been making a name for themselves in the Adelaide music scene but soon they will be arriving in your music collection thanks to their brand new single (alone on a) Monday becoming available through Rue Morgue Records in February. To find out a little more about the band Dave Griffiths sat down with band member Paul Vainickis.

“The band started off as a Gary Numan cover band called Almost Numan,” says Vainickis with a laugh. “They did for a few years and then decided to play some original tracks and decided to change their name to Subtract-S. I was going along and seeing them play every weekend for about a year and then one day they asked if I wanted to play in a show and here I am.”

“I’ve known John for about thirty years,” explains Vainickis when we talk about how he came to know John Raptis and decided that Subtract-S should sign with Rue Morgue Records. “Ever since he started a KISS fanzine back in the late 1980s which I remember I started collecting when I was about 10 years old. So I have been in contact with him ever since then and I saw when he put out the call saying he was looking for bands…. he took a listen and here we are.”

Raptis interjects… “I really had no idea about Paul’s music at all. I’ve known him as a fellow KISS tragic so when he sent me his tunes to check out I was expecting a standard hard rock affair. So as a huge Gary Numan fan myself when I sat down to listen to it, I was floored! I mean FLOORED! I thought they sounded incredible. Yes, the Numan influence is there, but there is so much more to these guys. I haven’t stopped playing their music and I will do all I can to make sure as many people as possible hear this! Incredible band!”

To hear the complete interview, listen via the link below:

Listen to “SUBTRACT S Interview” on Spreaker.

 (alone on a) Monday will be released by Rue Morgue Records in February.


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