Rue Morgue Records Recording Label

Rue Morgue Records The Label was born from out undying passion for Rock N Roll music and getting new and fresh sounds out into the hands of like minded people.

Throughout the course of 2019, the label will be releasing exclusive limited edition seven inch singles of some of the world’s best unsigned talent.

“We live in a highly disposable society” says label head John Raptis.

“MP3’s, downloads, CDs and the like come and go. But for some reason, people tend to hang on to vinyl. It isn’t disposed. It isn’t thrown away. It lasts forever. Besides, there is no greater thrill for a young or not so young act – to have their music pressed and distributed on vinyl.” He says.

And this is where Rue Morgue Records The Label comes in. The music will always be owned by the artist. The singles released throughout the year will be exclusive one-off records.

“We’re looking for exciting and good acts across the gamut of hard and fast Rock N Roll. As long as the music is good as long as it has potential – we’ll put our stamp on it and back it to the hilt. All singles released by Rue Morgue Records The Label will be heavily promoted on our website and we will move Heaven, Hell and Earth to ensure that each single completely sells out. We want all our artists to go into a second printing!”

At the end of 2019 a 12” compilation LP will be produced and released annually. Entitled ‘Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol 1’ the first LP to be released in December of 2019 will feature 10 of the best single tracks released throughout the year.

Rue Morgue Records The Label is preparing to release their first single in a few weeks with several more lined up already.

These are exciting times.

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