Zeal And Ardor: Devil Is Fine (Picture Disc)


Manuel Gagneux drew inspiration from non-metal artists such as Tom Waits, A Clockwork Orange composer Wendy Carlos and French composer Erik Satie during the writing of the album. Additionally, he listened to the field recordings of Alan Lomax. The album features references to Goetia, Yoruba, as well as obscure occult literature and history. The album is produced by Gagneux and Zebo Adam, mixed by Kurt Ballou, and mastered by Alan Douches.



Picture Disc

Side One
A1 Devil Is Fine
A2 In Ashes
A3 Sacrilegium I
A4 Come On Down

Side Two
B1 Children’s Summon
B2 Sacrilegium II
B3 Blood In The River
B4 What Is A Killer Like You Gonna Do Here?
B5 Sacrilegium III