Grant Burns Talks Chaos In Design

Available for order now via Rue Morgue Records

Grant Burns is no newcomer to the Aussie metal scene. Stints with bands such as Mason, Vespers Descent, Darkenium and Watercolour Ghosts has seen him take to the stage with the likes of Opeth, Mayhem, Children Of Bodem, Hate Eternal and Annihilator. But now Burns is embarking on a new adventure – come March we will see his debut solo album, titled Chaos In Design, released through Rue Morgue Records.

Dave Griffiths recently sat down with Burns to see how he is feeling about taking this next big step in his musical journey. “It’s not scary,” he says when I ask how his nerves are now that it is all happening. “It’s not scary because it all goes hand-in-hand. I do do a lot of songs aside from Mason. I record and write a lot of songs so the idea was to video record them and put them up on Youtube, just get them out there because I have hundreds of them. I had an ESP guitar that I wanted to sell before Mason went on tour so before I did I did a video with it and it was just a solo song with shredding from the start to end. So I did that and then went on tour with Mason to Canada and while we on tour ESP shared the video and at that point it was getting thousands of views and I started to think maybe I needed to get a CD out and get more of these songs out… and it was then that everything just seemed to fall into place.”

“With the release all the tracks are especially written for the release,” he explains after I ask if he had to wade through the hundreds of songs to find what he wanted on the album. “I didn’t go through the back catalog because some of them would have been for a different kind of project and I write so many songs in the different genres and sub genres of metal, so when I approached this I knew that I had to do new songs for the release and that was good because it gave me the opportunity to do something expressive on the guitar and that gave me the chance to write and not rehash songs so it all worked out well.”

Rue Morgue Records’ John Raptis adds, “I’ve worked with Grant on numerous occasions photographing him and the Mason boys for their promo photos. Grant approached me and wanted to hire me to shoot the photos for his CD release. This all kinda happened as the label side of things was in the planning stages so I put it to him that we should do a single instead. Press it to vinyl, make it as special as his music and talents are. I think he agreed before I even finished the sentence. So over a couple of cold brews at the Reverance in Footscray, we discussed all the nitty gritty and with a firm handshake, we were in business!”

“Grant is one of the finest players I have seen in Australia and trust me, I have seen them all! I am very impressed with what he has come up with for the Rue Morgue Records single. As heavy as it is, his sense of melody is just perfect and infectious!” continues Raptis…

To hear the complete interview, listen via the link below:

Listen to “GRANT BURNS Interview” on Spreaker.


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