Ester Segarra Ars Umbra

As a music photographer now for 10 years, there are many photographers who I admire and look up to. None more so than the incredible Ester Segarra. Her work is bathed in darkness and tinged with a level of brilliance that I have yet to see matched or surpassed in the world of Extreme Music.

She is a photographic inspiration and an absolute hero of mine in the photography realm.

As a retailer, I am proud as all hell to stock her amazing photo book full to the brim of extreme Metal music and beyond.

Ester Segarra – Ars Umbra has to be seen to be believed. The quality of work throughout will leave you both astounded and speechless.

Satanists, pagans, anarchists and church burners go to Segarra to bring their images to life, and she has the creative know-how to get these tortured subjects to bare their souls, sometimes reluctantly, in front of the camera.

And we have her book in stock and waiting to be ordered.

The book measures 12 inches high and features hundreds of page of some of the most astounding photography throughout.

This book is very hard to find throughout Australia and when you do manage to track one down, it is NOT at the price that Rue Morgue Records has it.

Order your copy.

Ester Segarra - Ars Umbra

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